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Sundays with Joy: Chocolate Malt Bread Pudding

Chocolate Malt Bread PuddingAt first glance I thought this bread pudding recipe was much too difficult to complete. I was imagining making a custard of sorts, tempering that with chocolate, baking in a water bath. It was too much for my sleep deprived brain to pull off. As I read through and started to actually process Joy the Baker’s recipe for the fifth time (insert new Mom, no sleep, blah blah, here) and somehow it suddenly seemed less daunting and completely manageable. Maybe I was delusional? There were no zingers in this recipe – no fussiness, no frills. I threw on the Moby wrap, added in NQG Bebe and I got to work. My grandmother was always making bread puddings for a quick dessert. She also made a lot of ‘cup custards’…custards in a ramekin. I suppose I was always confusing the two techniques when I think of making bread pudding. She named a chocolate bread pudding after my Mom in her cookbook. The difference between that recipe and this? Her recipe used cocoa, less eggs, all milk, and raisins. Also she baked her bread puddings in that water  bath. This recipe called for semisweet chocolate, malted milk powder, eggs and egg yolks, cream and milk. No raisins here!
Joy called for challah bread. I did not have any challah on hand but I did have sourdough. Sourdough it was! I tore up pieces of sourdough bread and added them to a buttered dish. Heavy cream and milk were heated up.
IMG_8224In a separate bowl, eggs, egg yolks, sugar and salt were whisked together. The heated milk mixture was tempered with the whisked egg/sugar mixture. Thankfully, I managed to do this properly and not end up with curdled or scrambled eggs. Chocolate chunks, malt powder and vanilla extract are incorporated into the mixture. Wait, malted milk powder? YES! The custard mixture gets added to the bread in the prepared pan. Everything hangs out for about half an hour to soak up all of the goodness. Just enough time to tend to NQGBebe who wanted nothing to do with bread pudding and was demanding to be fed.

 Into the oven for 25 – 35 minutes and here we are…

This bread pudding has a wonderful, rich chocolate flavor. The custard is creamy, while the bread is slightly crispy. I enjoyed this warm with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It is also wonderful as is! After a long, long day this was the perfect comfort food and just the treat that was needed for a weary Mom and worn out Dad.

To find this recipe check out Joy the Baker’s cookbook: 101 Simple and Comforting Recipes.  To see what Sundays with Joy is all about check us out here.

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