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Here & There: Finding a Groove

photo 2
Hello, fall! There have been lots of walking adventures around here, lately. We need to walk while the weather is still pleasant and mild. Soon enough there will be snow to work around!

photo 3NQG Bebe looks so peaceful here. It has taken a few baths to get it juuuust right. I figured all babies would love baths. I have learned to get the water temperature just so, and as you can see the warm cloth – he simply insists upon it. Such pampering. Meanwhile, Mom is still not showered. Some days are just like that.
photo (42)“Tummy Time”…very important for developing core strength. We work on this a few times a day and NQG Bebe is pretty happy!
photo (1)We smile a lot around here. The ‘authentic smile’ is a┬ánew development this week and it has been amazing to have another form of communication and interaction. Note: this is a real smile vs. the ‘I am passing gas which will clear the room in 10 seconds flat’ smile.
photo (45)I pushed this stroller up a hill to get to this tree. I survived with no additional pains! The trees are starting to turn…my favorite time of year!!
photo (47)And, finally, when NQGBebe sleeps Mom has learned to sneak in a bite to eat! The first apple galette of the season! I was celebrating the 6 week mark…we are totally making it!

Thanks for reading, friends!!! Stay tuned there will be more recipes coming your way! We are back in the game!

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