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Baking Bootcamp Challenge: Apple Pie Biscuits

Apple Pie BiscuitsI slowly and carefully stepped into the kitchen. I did not want to wake NQGBebe who was, finally, asleep. I had just enough time to tackle the second baking bootcamp challenge from King Arthur Flour and Joy the Baker. Apple Pie Biscuits! I loved this recipe for many reasons – the first of which is the flour: Self-Rising Flour from King Arthur Flour. This is a major time saver!This challenge was fun! I have never used self rising flour before and I was excited to work with it. My local grocery stores did not carry this flour so I had to travel to a big box store with glaringly bright fluorescent lights to find it.
Biscuit DoughButter is incorporated into this flour. Buttermilk is added and the dough comes together just like that. Really!
Meanwhile on the stovetop apples, brown sugar and cinnamon are prepared.
IMG_8298Joy used a Fuji apple but I had a macintosh apple that we found at our local farmers market. I knew this apple was going to be tart. The apples were simmered in a cast iron pan becoming slightly softened and turning a rich golden color.
IMG_8303 While the apple mixtures cools I turned my attention back to the dough. After a quick knead, the dough is rolled out into a rectangle. I used my best judgement and tried to follow the dimensions.
IMG_8310I veered off the dimension track a bit…but carried on. I added the apples to half, and carefully flipped the other half over the apple mixture and gently pressed down.
IMG_8314The dough gets shaped into a smaller rectangle, cut and set on baking sheet. This was a tricky move – the biscuits are fragile and filled with apples. My cookie spatula was perfect for the job! An egg wash gets brushed on and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.
IMG_8327These biscuits were delicious! I sampled a still-warm biscuit and found the crunchy topping that gave way to a perfectly tender biscuit and warmly spiced warm apple filling for a fall kick was just perfect! I wonder what the next baking bootcamp challenge holds?! I cannot wait!

If you would like to find the biscuit recipe or join in on this baking bootcamp challenge you can find more information here!

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