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Here & There: Fall Days

photo 3I remember a time where days were endless and time moved so slowly. Days when I would wake up and have a jam packed day ahead filled with teaching then hopping on a bus to get my students to auditions, festivals, etc. Those days were very long, drawn out and sometimes seemed as though they would never end.  Those days are gone, for now. Now I feel as though just when the day has started it is time to catch a few hours of sleep and start all over again. The hours are flying by…and I hope I do not miss a thing. photo 1I was recently asked the question of what my daily day-to-day routine looks like. I paused before I answered as I thought of a million ways to answer this. I said sometimes if I am lucky and the baby stays asleep, I can actually shower (in 10 minutes or less), eat something (in 5 minutes or less), enjoy a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee (ultimate luxury) or remember to brush my teeth and put on deodorant.  These are important things, yes?

For me, when the baby is sleeping, I try to tackle the most difficult tasks. Sometimes this is sneaking away to the kitchen to bake and photograph a quick treat to share here. These apple pie biscuits were a snap to prepare with self rising flour!
Apple Pie Biscuits

 Occasionally I will stop to try and rest when the baby is resting. Often NQGBebe, with his impeccable timing, almost always starts to stir. Then the nursing, learning, singing, dancing and diaper changing begins again!  I have adapted to little pockets of sleep. Last night was a fabulous and first 5 hour, uninterrupted, stretch of sleep.  This is HUGE! REALLY HUGE! As I was nursing the baby at 5:30 this morning, I murmured to Sweet Z that I was ready to climb a mountain. I could not go back to sleep after that…it turns out NQGBebe could not either! However, I will not be so naive as to think we now have a consistent 5 hr sleeper on our hands…

It is important for me to ‘feel human’ each day. Really it could be as simple as having that perfectly brewed hot cup of coffee (Sweet Z is the best coffee maker in the house!), taking a walk in the crisp fall weather, making breakfast (and eating it while it is still hot), getting my hair done (even with the baby in tow), or cuddling up with Sweet Z as we watch a dvd about Charlie Parker (and hope we can stay awake for at least an hour). We have been getting out and about both as a trio and as a duo. This week NQGBebe and Sweet Z had a lovely afternoon together at the museum while I used this precious, quiet time to finish Delicious by Ruth Reichl as I sipped some mulled cider. OHY!
photo (51)A family ‘selfie’ from our seats at the fall foliage parade!
photo 2We have taken family walks on ‘new-to-us’ trails! There is something so grounding and peaceful when walking outside in the woods.
photo 5And then we sit, contemplating what to do next. Happy two months, NQGBebe! Continue to grow and thrive, little boy, for we have many, many adventures ahead of us!

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