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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been on a cookie kick lately. Suddenly, I have become a cookie monster and have no idea why! Really, I blame my cookie jar. It is downright depressing taking the lid off the cookie jar and seeing nothing inside. I need to keep cookies in the jar at all times! It is no surprise that I was on a cookie bender last week and needed to make some cookies in a hurry. I had just enough time to make a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies last week. vegan chocolate chip cookiesI happened to be out of eggs on this day. I would have gone out to get some, but NQGBebe was in such a lovely slumber there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to disrupt that. I had to get creative. I am learning to be super creative in the kitchen these days.

This cookie recipe was great – it was super easy and in a matter of minutes I had warm chocolate chip cookies cooling on the rack. I added in some toasted walnuts because I wanted some crunch.
IMG_8368How on earth did I start this dough? Simple…
IMG_8371I ‘creamed’ together coconut oil and brown sugar. I am fairly certain I cut back the brown sugar by half….originally calling for a cup.  Some almond milk and vanilla extract get added. The typical flour mixture (flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt) gets added and the chips and nuts get stirred in at the end.
IMG_8374I did not have any dairy free chocolate chips on hand at the time so I used the semi sweet chocolate chips I had. However, I have recently used some dairy free chocolate chips in the vegan banana chocolate chip muffins I have made before.! Those chips are mighty fine…mighty, mighty fine!
IMG_8376Daily Rebecca says that the dough might be crumbly at this point. My dough was not that crumbly and held together quite well. The result was a nicely flavored cookie with pops of walnut and melty dark chocolate chips. I will admit, I did miss the butter and egg. The texture of this cookie was interesting – it sort of melted in your mouth as if had powdered sugar vs. brown sugar in the ingredients. It reminded me of the same texture as a mexican wedding cake cookie. I wonder if I should have used the coconut oil in the solid form vs. the liquid form? When I make these again I will go for the solid coconut oil and see what happens. All in all, this tasty chocolate chip cookie is a simple recipe that can easily be put together and enjoyed in no time at all! To get this recipe check out Daily Rebecca.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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