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Baked Eggplant Parmesan

EggplantEggplant and I never really saw eye to eye when I was growing up. I am certain my young self thought it was a foreign and exotic vegetable. The few times I had it as a kid, I deemed it as a soggy, mushy mess with no taste. Move over kid memory….it is time to grow up! Sliced eggplant gets baked (yes, BAKED) and turned into a quick eggplant parmesan? Oh heck, yes! Read on….I was alerted to this recipe from Martha Stewart from a friend. I was still skeptical, even though she was singing the praises of this particular eggplant parmesan recipe. Nonetheless, I found myself picking up an eggplant like it was my new best vegetable friend, while out getting groceries this week.

Sliced eggplant gets dipped in an egg wash…
Coated in some panko crumbs with parmesan and herbs…
IMG_8462_2And baked until golden brown. It was at about this time when my hunger level went into overdrive – the kitchen was filled with delicious smells. It was also the same time Sweet Z came in from a stroll with NQGBebe…with takeout! (see how the Sweet gets put before Z?) We shoved the takeout into the fridge for another time!
IMG_8472The rest is easy – layering marinara sauce in a pan with some mozzarella cheese and it gets baked until bubbly. The light of day had faded…and with it my cool and natural looking photos. But here are the ‘night photos,’ poorly shot and hastily edited so you can get the idea of this dish.
IMG_8477Into the oven for another 15 – 20 minutes and you end up with this…
IMG_8487_2Add on a side salad with roasted sweet dumpling squash, blue cheese and craisins and a bit of pasta and that, my friends, is a fast and fabulous Friday night dinner!
IMG_8490_2This was so, so good! The eggplant was not mushy and had a nice crunchy coating, even with the sauce. I went heavier on the panko crumbs (Martha called for fresh bread crumbs – of course she did)…but I wanted the crunch of the panko. I went easy on the tomato sauce. Next time I will have some warm sauce to serve alongside. Sweet Z and I really enjoyed this dish! He took the first bite and said, “Wow….WOW!” I did an awkward, inner happy dance in my head…and knew that this recipe is a keeper! When I make this again I will jot down my changes to measurements, ingredients and amounts and update this post with the recipe included. For now, head over to Martha Stewart’s page to check it out. Game Changer. The End.

Thanks for reading, friends!


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