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Here & There: Road Trip!

photo 5We drove home in the quiet car as Tristano played on the CD player. The weekend was behind us and it was filled with family, wonderful food, catching up with old friends, showing off NQGBebe to anyone who would give him the time of day and baking pies. Was it the best thing ever? Yes!
photo 1This was the first, of many, road trips to my mother’s home. (hmmm, maybe we need a screen name. Any ideas, Mom?)  He slept like a champ the entire car ride up (as well as in his adorable crib – both nights)! Was he happy to be reunited with his grandmother? You be the judge…
photo 5A first time for us leaving the little one for a good part of the day! It was amazing to see those two together over the weekend. They had such fun and both were on Cloud 9.

As we drove away, Sweet Z and I chatted in the car about leaving NQGBebe behind. It was a first for all – this feeling that we had. We were stopped at the light and Sweet Z suddenly commented on the fact that I was wearing jewelry…and eyeliner (but he meant mascara – I cannot put on eyeliner). I looked at him and smiled sweetly. I had to step up my game on this day – after all, I was headed to King Arthur Flour to hang out and make pies with Ms. Joy Wilson. I arrived, found Cassie from Sundays with Joy, and we were ready to bake! It was the second pie class that I have taken with Joy and I loved every single second. I mean really – playing with flour and butter, making pie crusts, figuring out I have the totally wrong rolling pin at my house, and learning how to make pecan praline pumpkin pie? It was a class that takes away the fear of making pie. Thankfully, my ‘Mom Brain’ did not interfere, I think I had some fairly intelligent conversations (?) and I was able to measure everything correctly!
photo (55)I walked away with these beauties…
photo 3…and I may have developed a slight obsession with this praline topping.
photo 2I may also have a crush on this beverage above…jalapeno spirits are in this glass. Miss Piggy approves, obviously.

It is nice to feel more ‘human’ everyday. I suppose I am settling in a bit more with the role of motherhood. I feel as though NQGBebe and I have a better sense of each other in the world of nursing and I am learning his language when he is tired, wet, or just wanting snuggles. I am hungry of every second of each day it seems, so something must be going well! It is easier to get out and about and it is an absolute necessity to do so. Seeking out other people to talk to and interact with is also a very important thing to do. Winter is coming, the daylight will be fading faster, the sun will give way to more clouds. The snow…oh, the snow! I am not sure how I am going to figure out this ‘get up and go’ routine this winter?! Should you even walk with the stroller in the winter on snowy sidewalks in cold temperatures? Any Mom’s out there care to weigh in? How do you dress your baby without overheating him? These are my next challenges.

For now, we will enjoy the nice days while we have them. I will likely continue to eat more pie than I should. I have crazy ideas for that apple pie of Joy’s that has me itching to get into the kitchen and work it out. To have these food ideas again is another ‘first’. After all, we cannot let NQGBebe have all the firsts, now can we? Thanks for reading, friends!

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