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Baked Pumpkin Spiced Donuts

The title of this post should have the word fail in it but somehow I could not bring myself to go there. Maybe not the complete word, but a capital letter f. But not just a capital letter f in black and white print, no. Instead, a capital letter f written with a fine tipped red marker, or a red ink Papermate, which would make it stand out. I am here to share the not-so-good recipe I tried in an attempt to not lead you down this path. Sharing. Sharing is caring. IMG_8530I have made pumpkin donuts before. There is just something about the fall that screams pumpkin to everyone me. I have been thinking about donuts, as I do always. I was thinking about taking a pumpkin donut recipe and adding a few things. Let us start here…
IMG_8504Browned butter. Or, in my case, burned butter. (clue # 1 as to why I should have stepped away from the kitchen. today was not my kitchen friendly day)

I made a new batch of properly browned butter and carried on.
IMG_8497Warm spices – think pumpkin pie with a splash of sass. (clue # 2: splash of sass is completely ridiculous. But apparently my overtired Mom brain was even more so on this day of donut making).
IMG_8514I had such high hopes – that bright orange pumpkin and that nutty browned butter!
IMG_8516_2Into the oven…
IMG_8519Out of the oven. And taste tested…
IMG_8527It was a wet donut. It may look lovely and delicate..but it was a wet, heavy, flavorless donut. I did not, and still do not, understand this. The ingredients were followed and the wet to dry ingredient ratios seemed logical (These days, I read a recipe  at least 50 times and triple check my measurements before I do proceed. Again, this Mom brain! Or that finding quiet time in the kitchen is so precious, yet absolutely necessary). It was simply a strange recipe. So I will keep experimenting with adding browned butter and sassy spices to various pumpkin donut creations. And when I get a good result, I will share the recipe. This will be soon…because it is fall…and it is time for pumpkin everything.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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