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photo 1Important things happened this week! NQGBebe turned heads at the polls and, clearly, is skeptical over some of the choices that were made. 
I am constantly amazed and in awe of this little baby. The learning and development that is happening blows my mind! After days and days of hands, wrists and arms near the mouth…
IMG_8606…suddenly this happened!
photo 3I was not a thumb sucker as a kid, but Sweet Z was.
IMG_8566Step 1: assume position
IMG_8563Step 2: start moving, while chatting it up
IMG_8559Step 3: relax!
IMG_8620It is not all fun and games…tummy time is a total drag sometimes.
IMG_8633We got started on preparing for our first concert and wanted to be safe and smart about hearing protection!! Zammuto was coming to town. Oh, you haven’t heard of Nick Zammuto? I will wait while you go have a listen. Back when I was pregnant, Sweet Z and I came across a civil war reenactment. It was all well and fine until they started firing the cannons. They did not stop until all of the gun powder was used up and the white flags were flying. Sweet Z was certain that our unborn child might have suffered some hearing damage in the womb that day. Thankfully, he passed his hearing test with flying colors. We are now prepared for anything with these ear muffs! Bring on concerts, honking fire engines at the fourth of July parade, or anything in between!
photo 4There was a bit of a meltdown prior to the show and I was holding my breath that we could get it under control. We bounced, soothed and calmed NQGBebe down enough to where we thought we could catch at least one song. We entered the room just as the band was starting, put on his little ear muffs and, with the help of the colored lights and bouncing with Dad, NQGBebe was lights out! He startled, eyes closed, exactly one time when the drum kicked off a song and he didn’t stir again until we left. OHY!
photo 2The leaves are falling, acorns have fallen everywhere and the cold is coming – there is no stopping it. I imagine we will be having many cozy evenings by the fire this winter. It seems to be another surefire way to transfix, soothe and calm the little one! You never know when you are going to have to reach into the bag of tricks and figure out how to best calm down the baby.

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