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Sundays with Joy: Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Blueberry Ginger SauceI have spent many Sundays weaving my way through and working on Joy Wilson’s recipes from her first cookbook, “100 Simple and Comforting Recipes.” This recipe is our last Sundays with Joy recipe from that book. Do you know something? It was hard for me to make this recipe. We have finished the final chapter in the cookbook. I have been on this virtual journey, connected with other virtual people who have a passion to try out recipes as well, for quite a few years. “I am working on a Joy recipe/ post” I would tell whomever was near, as I escaped to the kitchen or desk to get the words, experiences and pictures out into the great big wide world.

This recipe will not be the last one by any means! “Homemade Decadence” has hit the bookshelves and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! But this is the last recipe from this book, making it with these people and it is sad to see this chapter close. I paired this cream cheese pound cake with two of my favorite things: blueberries because they will forever and always remind me of my wedding and ginger because it will forever and always remind me of being pregnant! Somehow, in my mind, this was the perfect pairing for this moment in time. Come on, let me show you what a snap this was to prepare! 
IMG_8662I suppose I have always been intimidated by making a pound cake. It seemed daunting and unattainable to me for some reason. But when I read (and re-read, because that is what new mothers must do…always and forever) the recipe that fear quickly vanished. Eggs, butter, cream cheese, flour, sugar….I got this!
IMG_8673Joy has said: ingredients can smell your fear. I want to put this phrase on a plaque and hang it in my kitchen. Life lesson.
IMG_8664The loaf pan is greased and floured. The batter is gently mixed – a matter of creaming butter, cream cheese, sugar until fluffy and beautiful. Adding in vanilla and eggs.
IMG_8673Incorporating the flour until it is juuuuust right and not overmixed.
IMG_8677And we bake it up. Easy, yes? The possibilities are endless with this cake. Fancy or plain. Sauce it up or not. Layer it in a trifle – brush some bourbon on the cake slices, fresh fruit and lightly whipped cream? YES! I kept it simple…
IMG_8714…because I had to. NQGBebe was up at the crack of dawn. Together, with him in his cozy carrier and eyes wide open, we made blueberries plump and thicken in a not-too-sweet sauce with crystallized ginger, cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg. He helped me with the final photos as well. I must teach him from a young age! We had the chance to see this as well….
IMG_8709…the dawning of the new day!

Will I keep making recipes from Ms. Joy Wilson? Oh heck yes!! If I can take more classes with her I will be the first to sign up! I have never been to New Orleans – I think it must go on my list of places to visit! Perhaps Joy and I could grab a coffee and beignet together? Until then, I will carry on, find new recipes to try, make them with abandon, laugh and learn as I go. This is real and this is life. A million ‘thank you’s’ to you, Joy, for giving me countless hours of learning in the kitchen, the courage to keep trying new things, and offering encouragement along the way! Xoxo

Thanks for reading, friends!

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