Here and There, Life

Here & There: Discovering

photo 1Early mornings, all the time. I am thankful that I am a person who has always liked the morning!
photo 2Rise and shine?Many mornings I am met with smiles…unless NQGBebe is hangry then we start nursing, stat!
I am hangry 24/7 making milk, all the time.
photo 1Discovering how to hold while becoming friends with Sophie, the giraffe. This red jacket will forever and always remind me of my grandmother  – her signature color!
photo 4We had two music times this week. The mouthpiece buzzing and trombone playing were a hit. Three cheers for Rochut etudes!
photo 5Teddy wanted in on the action. He and Sweet Z played some tunes by the fire on a cold Friday night.
photo 5Hmmm, are we no longer needed for bottles? What is this?! Sweet boy, you are so independent – as you guzzle 6 ounces of milk! 6 ounces and sometimes more!!!!
photo 3Look at these fingers…all the wrinkles, all the lines, and all the dimples. We like this…this means growing and we need to grow strong! NQGBebe weighs in at 11 pounds….victory!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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