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Baking Bootcamp Challenge: Gruyere & Green Olive Rolls


Gruyere & Olive Stuffed RollsThe third baking bootcamp challenge by Joy the Baker & King Arthur Flour was to bake up a few gruyere and green olive stuffed rolls. I am not going to drag this out – I was intimidated. So, so scared to work with yeast which is super sensitive to the environment, time and temperature. Add in a slightly cranky (yet still adorable) baby and we just have ourselves a full day of entertainment!

This recipe requires you to start the night before and make a starter. My first problem – I would always forget to start the dough. I finally got my head in the game and jumped in!
IMG_8794The featured flour for this challenge is King Arthur bread flour. This starter is flour, yeast, salt and warm water.
IMG_8796The next day I added in more flour, yeast, salt and warm water. Ok, I can handle this. I handled this until the point where I was unsure whether the dough was mixed enough. I took a chance…
IMG_8800Eight or so minutes of kneading ensued. Previously, I would let my kitchen aid mixer or bread machine do the mixing and kneading. This is wayyyyy more empowering! I had never truly kneaded a serious bread before and had to watch the experts.

IMG_8803Eight minutes later and then it is time to rest for the first rise. While rising, I got to work on preparing the fillings. It is hard to work with gruyere cheese and some delicious herbed up green olives…such a snacking temptation!

IMG_8821A few hours later and it was time to pat out the dough and top it up! As I was patting the dough out, I had some early memories of my grandmother making her huge batch of cinnamon rolls for the restaurant. The melted butter, the cinnamon sugar…mmm. I wonder what she would think of these savory rolls? Would she scowl and shake her head, or be interested in adding these savory fillings too?

IMG_8846 And then I found my second problem. Apparently my daydreaming and patting out the dough caused the suggested measurements to be slightly off. My four rolls were extra large. I carried on and figured one roll served two and that sharing is caring.
IMG_8865Another rise and it was time to paint on some egg wash and bake off these rolls!
Gruyere & Olive Stuffed RollsThese rolls are best served warm. Each bite yields a mouthful of yum with oozing cheese and warm, salty olive pieces. Though this project took a day of tending it was lovely to be in the kitchen again. Photographing food, playing with the natural light of the day, being challenged by a recipe involving yeast….it was a magical day!

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