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Here & There: Backwards

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It has finally happened. I feel a little disoriented. It is almost as if a snow globe were shaken and things are disoriented and blurry before it all settles down again. You know this story…the story of the baby who does not sleep like he used to? And the part of the story where the baby gets mad at the whole wide world and is telling everyone all about it in a super loud and frustrated little voice. In new parent class they did not mention this thing. There was no warning at all, we simply landed here one day. There is very little Mom or Dad can do but to hold him super close and love him to pieces.

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 My world has felt a little backwards – the nights have been endless and I have been digging deep into the patience well. We are all learning new tricks to soothe – the sink faucet app our new babysitter mentioned has been a gift. The exercise ball has reappeared and we bounce for minutes on end, though it feels like hours, until I feel as though my arms and legs are going numb. Then we move on and rock away.

photo 4Thankfully, we are getting a little bit better at figuring out how this little baby works. Learning about how sleep works for little babies. Each of us is learning, through trial and error, and (re)trying and moving on again. It is reminiscent of those early days. I talk with friends and realize we are all in this no-sleep thing together in one form or another. I have some laughs with my CincyBff which reminded me that laughter is the best medicine. Suddenly last night I realized that I needed to slow down and simply listen to this baby. He is my best teacher. I shake my head at the mirror, as I see my tired eyes staring back at me. How on earth are we already four months into this parenthood gig?! Such a beautiful gift we have! I cannot be frustrated with a lack of sleep…I am learning all the time!
photo 3He is learning at rapid speed how to eat oatmeal. He squawked and let me have it last night when I was not feeding him fast enough. Really, NQGBebe? I really hope you will grow to love our shenanigans in the kitchen!
photo 2 We rocked out at The Wailers concert with Mob Farley. Amazing! Our photography skills are not so amazing. That woman in front of us had some great dance moves.
photo 5It is such hard work learning to grow.
photo 5He squints and scrunches his eyes when he smiles…just as my grandmother did. This melts my heart every time.
photoWe are mourning the loss of this hat. I think it is between here, over a mountain and grandmothers house. There were a few fussy moments on that drive. I suppose this is not the last thing we will lose. I am still on the lookout for a blue and white striped sock.

We are headed full steam ahead and taking to the skies in a few short days! First airplane trip? Stay tuned! Thanks for reading, friends!

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