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Here & There: Feed Me!

Oh, how my dish drying rack has changed….wine glasses have been replaced by bibs and bottle things. I used to happily spend long minutes thinking on a new recipe. I used to wonder what next recipe to challenge myself would be. The tides have shifted.

photo 4Now, I find myself clinging to the minutes as they pass by as this little boy continues to grow and grow. 

Somehow, I did not expect to be feeding NQGBebe solids so soon. I thought I had more time and it launched me into overdrive in figuring out where and how to get started. Thankfully, I received a copy of “The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet.” It is a great book with recipes, tips, and tricks that guide you through the process of cooking for the baby! The photography is beautiful too!!

photo 1

As you can see, someone is eating a 2 course breakfast these days. The baby wins….but at least I have coffee!

I had been daydreaming about making baby food for months! Fortunately, there is only so much babies can have at this time.

photo 2We started with baby oatmeal. I did try some cereal from the store so I could have some perspective with consistency, etc. When I prepared the baby oatmeal it seemed pretty simple to grind up oatmeal and then sift it through a sifter (for safety sake). It turned from rolled oats to a fine oat powder!

Next, we moved onto sweet potato which remains a solid favorite this week too!
photo 2As I am settling into making some purees it is taking me some time to become adjusted for feeding another human. I realized NQGBebe had eaten all his sweet potato one night last week and sent Sweet Z to pick some up at the grocery. He returned with a purple sweet potato. Fancy, eh? It was a gorgeous and groovy color purple…which takes some quick moves with the stain wash spray post feeding!
photo 3In general, sleep has been better!
photo 1Peas were introduced last night. Nothing fancy…just some peas and mom milk.
photo 3NQGBebe did well (and with a little texture too)! He often wants more food…he is eating a lot! But, hey, since we have finally registered on the weight chart…I will let the babe eat.
photo 4We are all happier! I am giving it a day or two when surely something will change. For the moment, I am going to cling to the minutes.
Thanks for reading, friends!

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