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Simple Things: Spice Cake with Raspberry Cream

photo 1Simple things…simple gifts. Life needs a good dose of simple now and again. This is why I found myself in the kitchen making a spice cake. I have made a gingerbread before…I love the combination of warm spices in winter. It was a simple affair of common ingredients and a few utensils and bowls. I did not plan on documenting this simple process. I was confident at the start of my gingerbread making journey…and then things took a turn. 
photo 3I had all of the ingredients for this recipe from King Arthur Flour in the house…but not always in the proper quantity. Powdered ginger, for instance. I suppose, this is the reason why this has been on my shopping list for a month? Hmm, and then there was molasses. I had a good cup and change of molasses. Not quite enough. Umm, I marched on and whisked together the usual dry ingredients. I melted butter (dairy free), added my meager molasses to the cup and whisked away. NQGBebe decided to wake from his nap and help me out.
IMG_9748We worked on the last few steps of the recipe together. I experimented with almond milk turned buttermilk (a win!) and threw in a handful of cacao nibs at the last minute. I mean, what did I have to lose and could I even salvage this thing? I emptied the batter into the pan, just as NQGBebe decided he wanted to take a taste and stuck his fingers in the rainfall of cake batter. No worries….no tastes of batter (yet!).
Just as I was ready to pop the pan into the oven something just felt off. I glanced at the batter in the cocoa/ flour dusted 8X8 pan and gave a great big sigh. I needed a larger pan. Size does matter, folks.
photo 3In the end the cake was well received. A handful of the last of my candied ginger alongside the cacao nibs made an impact. I stepped up the whipped cream game and added cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and a quarter cup or so of frozen/ thawed raspberries while whipping the cream up. It was the right thing to do. It gave the spice cake a little more zing, a nod to summer. As I look out the window at the snow falling down it is nice to be reminded that summer adventures will be coming our way.

Next time I will fill you in on how I nearly broke my food processor when making cocoa date bars. Fact. Thanks for reading, friends!

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