Here & There: Time Keeps on Ticking

Teddy, 6 mosHi, Mom! I have been having such a fun time over the last month, have you? Well, NQGBebe, I have had a wonderful last month with you! Let’s share some of your new skills, ok?
IMG_9738Behind this smile are two, TWO, teeth! How did the first wave of teething go for the new parents? Well, there were lots of frozen bananas, mesh feeders, frozen washcloths and cuddles. As the teeth were coming in the stomach bug came into our lives as well. Poor Sweet Z! I kept busy playing nurse/mom/wife to both boys. I am MOST happy we are over it! Teething, to me, felt like the early newborn days all over again. The long nights gave way to even longer days where I would try and figure out how to help this baby with a foggy brain and tired body. We did it!
IMG_9823_2There has been a lot of rolling and inching forward all over the place. Gone are the days when I could leave NQGBebe on the playmat, go grab a glass of water and upon returning expect him to be in the same position.
IMG_9831Moving on.
IMG_9833It is fascinating to watch this little baby see something, reach for it and grab it! There is such determination and drive. These are good life lesson reminders!!!
photo 2This jumperoo contraption? Amazing! This little boy bounces, babbles and coos!
photo 4This winter has been bitterly cold and extra harsh with lots and LOTS of snow. We were fortunate enough to hit 30* last weekend – so we seized the day! We snowshoed (well, two of us enjoyed it), and went on a dogsled run! How many 6 month old babies can say they have done that?!

NQGBebe finally (!) joined the others on the weight chart. He is clocking in at 15-ish pounds. He is also eating 3 solid meals a day. I prepare, what I think, is enough food and he looks at me like…
IMG_9805…and he gets more food. Or else….
IMG_9811I am amazed everyday at the growth and development that this little boy shows me. We have been on lots of adventures – concerts, art museums, dancing, visiting people and he takes it all in stride. He has a smile for everyone he meets. Imagine, for an entire day, if we greeted each person we met with a smile? Let’s try!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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