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Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Why, hello! Sorry for the long pause in between blog posts. Life, it seems, has gotten the best of me and I have found myself in new spaces, connecting with old faces, and chasing around NQGBebe!
I made these little bites of chocolatey goodness awhile back and wanted to share them with you. Read on…


 This recipe is wonderful for many reasons the first of which it is a simple recipe – no fancy gadgets or equipment is required, the ingredients are likely lurking in your pantry and the cookies come together quickly!

IMG_0466The first ingredients are gathered. Then we add chopped chocolate…
IMG_0472And yes, I admittedly chopped dark chocolate chips! The dough comes together and is chilled before rolling and tossing in some confectioners sugar.
IMG_0500After 10 minutes in the oven, a quiet baby monitor and a bit of photo editing on the side…
IMG_2967And then we devour.
IMG_2970These cookies are everything you would want in two little bites – a lovely rich mocha chocolate molten lava-like cookie. It is best to eat these gems while they are warm and gooey. This truffle cookie is a perfect afternoon pick me up when paired with a cup of tea, and a book (bonus, if the baby sleeps long enough)!

You can find this recipe in Joy Wilson’s second cookbook, Homemade Decadence.

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