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Here & There: One Rotation

Many months have passed since my last Here & There post. So much has changed around here! To try and convey all of the many steps that we have been attempting to uncover, learn and discover over the past year would be silly. I am not a great dancer. I gave up on my ballerina dreams early on in life. Instead of leading you down the complicated path…I might just show you a few pictures. Are you ready? 

 We started here.
photo 2_2

One year later…
IMG_4416Standing. Walking (my heart still skips a beat).
IMG_3263I am learning all about love, innocence and the world around me in a new way.
IMG_3341We are looking inward, outward, and moving onwards and upwards.
I am learning so much on this journey. One week I was staying at home with NQGBebe and suddenly I found myself working  at a beautiful bakery. A dream.
IMG_3908This change was unexpected and shifted things in a way which I could not prepare for. Everything happened at such a fast pace that I did not have time to give much thought to this new shift in the work-family-life balance. So, I jumped in.
IMG_4341I have been baking a bit at home as well. Many old, comfortable recipes…tarts and cookies, mostly. Soon will be time for donuts and scones, again. Soon.
IMG_4359A little family hike in the morning is a beautiful thing.

There are many adventures ahead, friends. I feel as though things are finally re-settling for a little while. I am hopeful to steal more moments of time in my own kitchen. With my real camera. And take the time, the real time, to write about things. It is time to pause – to wake up the inspirations that are just below the surface, cook and bake, play music, write, and photograph. This will be happen alongside laughing, discovering, loving and learning every day. Thank you, as always, for reading!!!

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