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Zucchini Recipes: Round 1

There once was a barren land with nothing growing but grass and wild thyme around our house. Soon, we started mapping out a plan to put in a vegetable garden. Great idea! I thought we would have a quaint little garden. We have been caring for this (not-so-quaint) garden all summer and things are flourishing. Especially zucchini and cucumbers. Whoa. Next year, we are planting far less of these abundant crops! So, what can you do with all that zucchini?

Let us start with some savory options. Zucchini ‘fries’ with a quick garlic aioli sauce were a fan favorite (with the adults). Damn Delicious never disappoints!
IMG_7266NQGBebe, meanwhile, was not fooled. I kept on searching until I came across zucchini ‘tots’. Who doesn’t love cheesy tots? The trick here is to get rid of the excess moisture in the grated zucchini. So.much.water! These were extra crispy on the outside and studded with carrots, zucchini and cheese on the inside. It was passable for NQGBebe, so long as he had some ‘catsy’ to dunk the tots in!
IMG_7319Another savory dish I tried out was a zucchini pie. It was from a community cookbook from my small hometown. The recipe hailed from my mother’s best friend. It called for bisquick – which I didn’t have. But, I did have all the ingredients to make my own ‘baking mix’. Winning. And this was a fan favorite with NQGBebe – again ‘catsy’ was on the dinner plate too, alongside some sliced plums (which apparently are tasty dunked in said ‘catsy’). Whoa.

There is also a bit of canning happening around here. So far we have relish and bread & butter pickles.

IMG_7627As for the sweeter side of things – I have made many mini breads. Double chocolate zucchini bread, from the trusty folks at King Arthur Flour. My favorite version is with maple syrup (vs. honey), espresso powder (optional, but go for it!) and milk chocolate chips.
Joy the Baker lead me down the path where I put sweet potato and zucchini in the same loaf. I thought it sounded a little crazy…but the results were spectacular! It really is a perfect late summer, early fall loaf. Nicely spiced and chock full of good for you things!
Give these recipes a try, friends!  I will gladly share some of our zucchini for your cooking adventures! Thank you, as always, for reading!

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