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I am contemplating my next steps in this adventure called life.  In my former life, I was perfecting the perfect pancake for one on Saturday mornings. For over a decade I was immersed in music – more specifically, teaching band music. Then things changed. I have taken a step back from the classroom. Recently, I have had the honor of saying, “I do.” We moved to a new town into a lovely home on a little hill with beautiful mountains all around. Quickly thereafter, we became a trio. Amidst all of these changes, one constant is the kitchen – it is the center of my home. It is in this space where I learn new things, quiet my mind, laugh when something goes awry and, most importantly, share this food with others. Join me as I uncover what I am going to cook next while I discover the new paths that lead me home again.

The cast of characters you will find in this blog time and again are: myself (NQG: Erica), Sweet Z (my husband), NQGBebe (our son) and Michel (our cat).

I started this blog to share my successful (and not so successful) adventures as I weave my way through the culinary world. I find inspiration from family, friends, the cooking channels, food magazines, music…and the list goes on and on. This one room in all of our homes is truly a special place. Lets make this our ‘virtual kitchen’ where we all gather to share ideas, make new friends, sip cocktails, trade recipes, tips or tricks and just have fun! Thanks for reading! If you would like to contact me, please email [email protected]

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  1. As a frustrated chef myself, I thought I would check this out. I love learning from my former students! Good for you! Your blog looks GREAT!


  2. Thank you rikp!!! So happy you stopped by to check the site out! Cooking is as easy as reading notes on a page…but wait…you can improvise your way through too!!!! Good luck!


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