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The kitchen. A small space in our little home where I learn new things, quiet my mind, laugh when something goes awry and, more importantly, to share this food with others. I started this blog to share my successful (and not so successful) adventures as I weave my way through this life. Join me as I uncover what I am going to cook next while I remember to travel these new paths that lead me home again.

The cast of characters you will find in this blog time and again are: myself (NQG: Erica), Sweet Z (my husband), NQGBebe (our son) and Michel (our cat).

Thanks for reading! If you would like to contact me, please email [email protected]

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3 thoughts on “About this Blog & Contact

  1. As a frustrated chef myself, I thought I would check this out. I love learning from my former students! Good for you! Your blog looks GREAT!


  2. Thank you rikp!!! So happy you stopped by to check the site out! Cooking is as easy as reading notes on a page…but wait…you can improvise your way through too!!!! Good luck!

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